Need something special?

paint, brushes,
block printing supplies?

Have a special art series? Or a new art or craft experiment? Need some different inks? We can get what you need to keep you creating.

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We can special order it
for you.

No extra charge.

An artist without her supplies
is like a violinist with no violin.

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We carry a full range of top quality art supplies and materials, both professional and student quality for all your art needs.

Major Paint Brands

We carry major brands of paints, including Winsor and Newton and Grumbacher.
Oil paints, watercolors, palettes, travel palettes, easels, everything you need for that painting workshop. We have a large selection of drawing materials, charcoal, pencils, pens, sumi ink, oil pastels, and a wide variety of drawing pads and papers.

Brushes, brushes, brushes

At Huston-Tuttle we can help you with all your brush needs. Hog Bristles, sables, wash brushes, Chinese hakes, filberts, rounds, synthetics and natural hair, flats…we have them all. Did we mention painting knives?

Need Paper?

Huston-Tuttle has a large selection of papers: Arches watercolor papers, hot pressed, cold pressed, rough, Canson pastel papers, specialty decorative papers, drawing pads and newsprint and illustration board. Everything for creating your art on paper and fancy book making.